Thursday, February 4, 2010

Material selection

This is a tip that you learn for yourself after realizing that the flies you just tied should should have looked exactly like each other but they don't! Like what happened to me a few times and still does if I dont proportion correctly. A lot of fly aesthetics problems are easily remedied by selecting the right piece of material for the job. Along with diligent proportioning practices your flies will come out looking like their supposed to rather than intermittent juxtapositions.

The first piece of marabou from the left is one I prefer for tails and wings. Its relatively uniform length makes it easy to work with and makes sleek looking flys.

The middle feather is super fluffy. I like these to palmer in a dub loop after clipping off a pinch to give the appearance of bulk on flies without the weight. This one works good for smaller flies mostly but I have made crawfish flies with these too like this one below.

The last has a big spine down the middle and will cause your creations to look uneven. I usually cut the quill a few inches down from the end and use the longer outer barbules on my fly.

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