Friday, July 23, 2010

some things

In the beginning there was supply and demand. And then there were unions to protect workers from killing themselves, then people got lazy, then they went to work at Wright and McGill.
I don't want to bash immediately for no reason, I love my reel. I had some slow dealings with them in the past but I didn't need the piece of equipment in question so I wasn't concerned. And they eventually got it right. I knew the reel I have is discontinued. That's why I was so surprised when the owner of Marburgers sporting goods in Kemah Texas called them and said they had a spare spool when I called them over a year ago asking the same question and they didn't have any spare spools. Well they sent the part to the wrong address and it took weeks to get to Marburgers. Typical. I purchased the spool($85)I don't know what was decided in private but I thought that It was only going to be sixty five but whatever I go there in an emergency and its either that or a new reel and 2 new spools) and put it on the reel. Didn't seem to spin freely like my old spool. I opened up the guts and theres RUST on the bearings. Not new, but a used part. Which makes sense because I had already done the research and this spool was probably a return. Needless to say I was disappointed with all parties. I will NOT be purchasing anything from W&M ever again. There is a unique needle bearing in the reel that they don't have a replacement for and it has a tendency to rust horribly. The "sealed" drag is loosening and coming apart and it seems I got tricked by this product. Seems I should have bought a Ross reel instead. I still have my cimmaron reel (4yrs) and I have had no problems with rust or maintenance. I'm done ranting. I will have a bad taste in my mouth everytime I use my reel now though.

This was a really awesome show. The hives ruled the crowd. Rival schools snapped your neck, and inc made you horny. Also, Rival Schools last I checked is recording a new album. As well as Far. And Faith now more is touring. This is year old news but I am still happy that some of my favorite bands are still doin' it. Looking forward to being at one or more of these shows.

I am enjoying this book. I enjoy Ashley Wood's art style.

Good chorizo...mmmmmmmmmmmm....chooooorrrrrriiizzzzoooooo.

If you like nuts, and honestly...don't we all..I suggest trying these. See how many you can shove in your mouth at one time. It will thank you for it.

Busy busy. This little guy was on a tree off my apt balcony. The tree is literally even with the to top rail and I have a close up view on the daytime bee and dirt dobber wasp hunting ground. And at night there are several spiders that build their webs around 9 or 10 pm to catch the insects that are attracted to a light at the corner of the building. Kind of a cool thing to be able to observe.

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