Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nov 19-10 fishing

 I don't get to fish as much as some. Not as much as I want too. But I know etiquette and I know the bay from Galveston to X-Mas like the back of my hand. But most people didn't have a person to show them all the little things that make you a better boat man. That's why I take it easy on guys that love to ram their boats into reefs and run right by you when your wading. Their not stupid. They either don't know or don't care. Or they might just be stupid.

All but the last picture were from the 19th. It was a great day to be fishing! Light winds, a hell of an incoming tide and great water clarity. A ton of bait fish were flipping and being run when we pulled up to our not so secret spot. The bite was a little off. Although the fish were plentiful for a while the bites came from only one lure. The broken back long a. Let it sit after casting. Swim it down quickly to about 2ft then give it 8-10 extremely light walk the dog twitches. Let it float up and repeat. Occasionally nicking the bottom or bouncing off an oyster shell seemed to trigger strikes also. I love fishing these lures but the conditions have to be right. I like to fish it in about 3-4ft of water with good clarity.

The last pic was taken today the 20th. Although I don't have any pictures of fish, the amount of red fish that covered a reef in my home waters of Texas City was impressive. I landed and released 3 undersized about 18" and 7-8 more between 22-25". What an awesome day! I caught most of the fish today on corky devils. A couple on a 4" gambler with a dipped chartreuse tail. This trip was very special. Not only because I smacked the fish but it was also my first trip with my new kayak. What a way to do it!

I also finally received my SA streamer express intermediate line from Cabelas the other day along with some clothes that were on sale and a rod holder. I am done shopping at local fly shops in Houston. Sorry guys. If you don't want to order what I want or keep your lines stocked I wont keep stopping in and being disappointed.

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