Thursday, June 9, 2011

Too busy to fish.

Good day,

I have unfortunate news. I have been wall to wall covered up! I did manage one short wadefishing trip of about 3 hours last week but before that it was a month and since nothing. I managed to catch some dinner in the form of 2 17" speckled trout though. It feels good to make a new post even though I have no real interesting fish news.

I moved into a new house last month. Moved in and assembled furniture for the last 2 weeks. Then had a baby boy on the 4th! So to say the least it has been quite a test!

I hope to be on the water this fall. My dad's shoulder surgery went well and he will be back in form. Plus I can always take a trip to the Guadalupe to catch some bass. I dont think the rainbows will have a good year because of the drought but lately it seems the hill country has gotten more rain than the coast which is unusual. The lack of rain has caused the water in the gulf to become almost hyper saline lol. This tends to make fishing all around tough regardless of your method. I also hope that i can sneak away and fish the beachfront if the wind decides to cooperate on a day I have the chance.

This all seems like wishing at the moment though! Good fishing to you and thanks for reading. I hope to be lucky enough to continue. I may choose to continue to post but they will more than likely be about video games or random things I find interesting. Later.

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