Thursday, September 29, 2011

My attempt at rebirth

Set on by a series of interactions with friends, co-workers, and the online experience in general, I have been desperately seeking personal harmony. I have decided to stop all social networking as well as forums, and to seriously limit my television and video game time in an effort to become a more productive human being. Oddly I cant bring myself to delete(or make private) this blog because the original intention was in my opinion "pure" and I don't see many people reading ever anyways. Also I can say that other than family, the only thing I cannot neglect or cut out or consider a distraction to true happiness in life is my love for the outdoors. The feeling that is attainable through experiences with nature whether it be fish, animals, or mountains is one that will make you want to be silent. One that can fill you full of love or energy. One that can only be attained by escaping the poison of your own desperation. 

The decision to stop social networking was probably the most difficult. Some of us today are dependent on the social rewards received  after observing and sharing clever thoughts or images delivered in the form of comments or likes that reduce the real interactions and real relationships with real people. I was. Its strange to quit this cold turkey, realizing just how many times a day you will think about sharing something useless to people. I think its easier than quitting smoking but more annoying. Plus I'm not a kid anymore and I have always thought that the social online thing is best utilized by kids, celebrities and businesses. I am none. I am making an attempt at total fucking silence. About the little things that are supposed to be funny stories but are reduced to a status update. Storytelling I guess. But a form that relates itself through other things. Not necessarily like this blog. More like your daily life. I just like pretending. And if I want to pretend that I'm an outdoors writer then I can. Enjoy!

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mary ann said...

Removing yourself from social media is a feat and I commend you for that. I think you are a lot stronger than you think you are and can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Oh yeah and I kind of miss your status updates so if you'd late to share a daily thought, then holla at me through text love.