Monday, January 30, 2012

Moons align = "log fishing"

Well it happens about once every couple years. I'm sure it happens multiple times for those without children or those that are blessed with the proper motivation to make a living on the water. But for a normal juicer like me, it seems like rare air. As a fisherman it always seems possible. Always seems attainable. With the turning of the tide or the moons rise or suns set. The magical alignment of planets represented by unknown triggers in a unique environment experienced by few. It  passes as another number on your i-calender. And for those who regard magical planet similes as I do....I'm glad you might not know what the hell I'm talking about. Its not always apparent at the moment why the situation is the way it is. Sometimes it takes time passing to recognize why things change. And sometimes it just needs to rain its ass off and then warm up big time. Rain god moves the fish around. Thank you rain god. You are always welcome around these parts.

We arrived and they were biting. We left with an hour before sunset and I let three big blowups on my topwater tell me to quit while I was ahead. I missed the blowups, but we had so many good fish I was glad to just watch them bite. I think we had close to 10 trout 25" or better released on tops and corkeys. 2 sevens, a six and a half, and the rest 5-6 lbs. longest was almost 28" Fatties. FML.

 That's me! Maybe Ill try a different hold. The fish is all resting on my hand. Looks sick. It was actually super healthy. Rurrlurrsd.
 release the 7
 That's a six

 another 7 still swimming

 dude wrecked me. The new sinker original works great. Small twitches like walking the dog underwater. Small, small twitches.

 A couple nice fish on top in these pictures. There were three of us. I think we each caught over 20 fish, and out of those fish probably 85% were released. We eat meat. Feel free to comment.

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