Wednesday, July 25, 2012

smarter fishers

 Wildflowers make the best corsages.
 I have tied this fly about 10 times and have yet to fish it. Hope it swims well.
 Fish on at San Luis Pass!

 The word of the morning was top water. The morning bite was a little off. Fish were in the area but from 5AM until about 8 I only had 3 bites. From 8 to 10 I caught probably 8 trout fan casting and wandering back and fourth on a knee to thigh deep flat that the incoming tide pushes onto. The flat is unique. It has a shallow point on one side and dead end bowl that is breaking through to a small drop off. The area that holds fish on normal tides starts in about waist to chest deep water and pushes up into shin deep. The best spot is about 40 yards long and 40 yards wide with the sweetest area as big as a school bus. This is the attention that is what makes finding and dialing in new spots a little easier. Walking the whole area and making a mental picture of the bottom and remembering that picture. In an area like a pass into the gulf the bottom changes all the time. Major changes might take years but subtle and more localized changes in bottom contour might be obvious during weeks or months during the season. Its important to a wade fisherman to pay fucking attention. In the scheme of things its not really a lot to remember. It will help you catch fish.

I love dolphins. Porpoise, whales, water mammals. Not sea lions. Fuck them. But dolphins are awesome. These were two different pods that were one family. They watched us fish a reef point and we watched them fish in the channel. On our way in we ran into them again and slowed down to take a picture. They sensed our curiosity and actually swam alongside the boat as we putted along at idle speed and watched us just as we watched them. It was amazing. I fucking love dolphins.

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