Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beautiful Fall

Fishing involves a lot of speculation. A lot of educated guesses. And then just a little bit of luck when you have a day off during a stretch of good weather. I rarely see the latter. But I'm always full of the previous! These two trips involved all three. A stellar day of flounder fishing in November(you can only keep 2 flounder in Texas in November) and another day about three weeks later with my daughter in Moses lake. We have been turning the Late October/early November trips with the kayak into a yearly ritual. When flounder are often plentiful along the shoreline and red fish working shrimp under small pods of seagulls a likely occurrence. I live the gulf coast in the fall. Its no doubt my favorite time of year. Hunters are tending their lease or in the blind, and anything is possible. Big fish are in shallow water all day usually because of the mild temps and plentiful forage. Perfect time for a wade fisherman. Although winter wading comes in a close second and summer night wades right behind, fall is just the most comfortable.  

 Some fish get lucky, the moss covered popping cork surfaced several yards in front of me and I snagged it, releasing this black drum to finally get a well deserved meal and have a fighting chance.

 After catching three flounder in fifteen minutes on gambler flappin shad, I quickly switched to my flyrod to try and land a saddle blanket the hard way. Too bad the fish pretty much stopped biting. I did manage a few smaller fish though! It was a real treat.
Below, the first of three quick flounders caught. 5 and 5 1/2 pound beauty's,  headed for the BBQ.

 Now for the next trip.

 My daughter Lily. She is a fish catching expert. Now to get her to fit into waders! Haha. She loves going in the kayak. I cant wait to be able to afford a small john boat. She will truly be hooked. We ended up with 3 nice reds and a couple small(16-17inch) flounders and one trout about 2 pounds. She reeled them all in. Daddy just hooks them.

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