Thursday, April 11, 2013

Curing problem plastics

Wether it be straight out of the bag or sitting in your tackle hoard for years soft plastic worms of all kind have one thing in common at one time or another. The bends.

Pardon the pics, I'm working through the blogger app on the ipad. Anyways. Theres a very simple solution to the seemingly lure ruining curves and twists that has been good to me. As simple as "cooking" them.

Now I don't mean simmer on high for 30 minutes. I'm talking abut a quick dip just to soften the plastic into remembering its original shape. This also works with flys that have mono weed guards. A speedy submersion into hot water and they will return back to the desired location. My technique is to boil the water in a pot and then turn off the heat. Let the water sit for about 30 seconds and then drop the problem children in. Let them sit for 20 or so seconds depending on plastic density. I like to stir them gently to ensure total submersion and effectiveness. Then lay them out either flat or hanging off an edge until dry. I like hanging them, I think it helps the plastic stretch. Don't worry about the surface being sticky. They will return to normal when dry and cool. They might be tacky, but if you put them back in the bag with the original oils you will never tell the difference. Just don't put them on a dusty surface or throw animal hair on them.

They might not be perfect all the time. But they will damn sure fish better!

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