Sunday, May 25, 2014

Home made lures and trials of patience.

I have made lures. Ones that didn't work like I wanted but still caught fish. Ones that I was sure would work bit failed and spun like a corkscrew in the water. Ones that were just plain failures also. And none of the time spent designing, building, and testing were a waste. All these failures and trials are stepping stones. Experience gained and knowledge collected to one day be focused into creations that are simple perfection. So many ideas that are in need of doing once and failing at. Only to be reworked multiple times until personal vision and function come together in a piece of plastic that does what I want. To swim right and catch fish. So many ideas. Some are probably just unnessicary. Like the broken back plastic lure. I have made this in the past before I dabbled in pouring plastisol. It can be done. But without a tail with a yet undiscovered action is developed it works just like a regular shrimp tail jig. This is one idea. But time is short. I need to focus the muse on current projects. The goal is to create lures that I want that I can't get in stores. Ones that I will fish exclusively. By that I mean I will only have those in my box. No name brands. No more shopping for soft lures. Only looking. Only designing only building. Big things start with small beginnings. And if I can catch a limit of fish plus some on a lure I designed that doesn't even work right. What might happen when I solve the design flaws? Te will only tell. Time that involves my favorite thing to do. Fishing. 

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