Monday, December 14, 2009


This is a variation of a fly I have been tying and trying to turn into a clear water swing fly for fishing around reefs with a lot of current. This fly shares the palmered head like the seaducer but doesn't run with a dual rooster feather rudder and is a bendback. I have given it the name BHR or big head red. Although the proper name would probably be a bendback seaducer This will hopefully be a little more forgiving when bouncing on shell or grass. A single or double mono loop weedguard would probably help out also. I am kind of hooked on bendbacks right now.

Last Sunday I ran down to the local "mudhole" as I call it to try and stalk a lost flounder making boils a little too late in the season. I should call it the stink hole or the dead animal parts hole seeing as I have seen a deer head, hog foot, cleaned duck carcass, and countless filleted redfish, trout and flounder in the little ditch that drains from the road. Although not unheard of, after a couple weeks of the 60-45 weather pattern with rain and cloud cover prospecting back lakes flounder in shallow half brackish water becomes more a dream and less a reality. But you have to try right? I was doing my best to stand and survey taking a couple steps every thirty seconds or so when I noticed an eye on the ground. A fly I had lost while pestering a flounder three weeks ago. Which was odd because I broke it off close to 20 feet off the bank. My only guess is that another fisherman snagged the oyster clump the fly was on and dragged it in. Kinda neat to find. I snapped this photo, cleaned it off and pocketed it. No fish, but what luck.

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