Friday, December 18, 2009

wishes and creations

I just finnished some baitfish for this weekends fishing trips. Saturday and Sunday will be in the Galveston bay area and Monday will be spent in East Matagorda. My uncle is going to be fishing with us for two days. I really hope that he gets a few fish on his stringer. I will be trying out my new Scientific Anglers quad tip line I picked up on "sale" earlier in the week. At least I have an intermediate option, at least for a little while untill I decide if I like this line. Im going to flyfish untill my arm gets tired then probably take a break with the baitcaster. Im also going to see about adjusting the boats location to allow me to cast from the bow instead of trying to wade deep all day. It would really allow me to control the belly better in the current as well as allowing me to make some longer casts in productive water. I really cant wait untill I can afford a decent boat. Maybe a 16ft double deep and wide aluminum boat with some pontoons. Not too much:)

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