Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shoes of the future?

In the market for new boat shoes?
After weeks of recommendations from a friend I finally got some vibram five fingers. And they are pretty freakin sweet. Designed to NOT provide support but to actually protect your feet and allow all 26 bones to do what nature intended. To work rather than be bound in thick back, knee, and ankle hurting soles. I took my first jog in quite a while. It honestly took me about a quarter mile before I started jogging without hurting. I had to concentrate to keep the majority of my weight on the balls of my feet. By concentrating on forward movement rather than the normal up and down lumbering hop that thick padded soles train us to think is normal. After some adjustments my knees didn't hurt, my back didn't hurt, and I made it a lot farther than I thought I would being the first time I tried to jog in over a year. I also jogged in the grass along the walking trail made of concrete which helped the impact of my fat ass protecting my knees and back. And when the trail ended I crossed the street and ran alongside a mowed drainage canal for about 300 yards and back. And on the way back home I stayed near the ditch and noticed some of the firs carp of the spring moving up to spawn. And a BIG one about 20lbs! Looks like its time to stalk some rubber lips soon! I also found this soccer ball about half way home which I dribbled to my house. These shoes will be making their debut on a flats skiff in the future. Hopefully sooner than later.

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