Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finally a break in the WORK!

I am still not ready to be working this week and its almost Wednesday. Luckily a long stretch of moving into an apartment, family visits, graduations and parties, and other weather and tide deterrents lends itself to just saying bollocks and getting out of town for a weekend. Both days were epic and beautifully necessary.

Day one was a revisiting of my childhood with a float down a deep stretch away from the touristing tube drunks and vomit crusted cypress roots in the heart of town. I realized that through promotion of alcohol on the river since the trendy boom of idiots 15+ years ago the river isn't just a cash cow for the town of New Braunsfels but also a natural collection of hats, rubber, accessories, and beer cans.

Luckily the fish don't mind the daytime salinity levels.

Day two was a brand new experience. I haven't fished for trout since Wyoming and never in a river. Luckily I was with my cousin so even if the day was a failure I would have been with family I don't get to hang out with much. The first half was working out kinks and learning, Nick caught his first few fish on a fly rod. He had an awesome teke on a medium sized bass after making a great cast to the edge of a fallen tree in shin deep water throwing a hopper. And several perch to keep us busy.

After half the trip was over we came into our own. I chatted with a pro and he gave me some split shot to high stick some rapids with. After 30 minutes and a couple lost fish we moved down and I almost gave up for trout and switched to a streamer. Luckily the trout really wanted to eat streamers! I cant understand why, if they will attack a streamer, you would fish anything else after seeing how aggressive and awesome it can be. Unless its a big dry fly, nymph fishing is for desperate men or desperate situations.

When doing research I noticed all the pics of fish on this river from guide sites seemed to have clipped fins. I didn't land any with clipped fins but maybe the ones I caught were hold overs and grew their fins back assuming they are clipped by the farm before stocking.

My sinking line worked awesome.

I landed 3 trout over 20 inches. Even though they are stocked they are still game. Expert at blending into the river bottom. This one jumped what looked like three feet out of the water while fighting. We both just said, WHOOOOAH!

I seriously needed an escape from the grind and this was pretty sweet timing. I cant remember how many bass I caught but there were at least three good ones about 15 inches. No stripers this time but super awesome. I think we landed about 5 trout total and lost a couple too. And if we would have been doing what we were doing at the end in the beginning we wouldn't have waster all the photos on perch and scenery! Thanks to all the fishing podcasts that I remembered listening to. Mostly ask about fly fishing. This saves me during the week and keeps my mind out of reality. Oh and FYI. The Vibram five finger shoes worked great. If I did this all the time I would purchase the flow's. With a neoprene covered upper to keep out dirt and gravel it would be perfect. Although my sprints worked fine.

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