Sunday, June 6, 2010

Work that gut baby

This is San Luis pass in the wee hours. Half of my fishing during the summer is spent staring at these lights. Listening to fish sounds. Jumping mullet, trout sucking bait, huge sharks plowing through bait....maybe thats just my imagination there. But There are some pretty big splashes out there in the black, so I stay no deeper than my shins until morning. Because I'm a wuss.

A horse mackerel seems like a pest when you catch one on a topwater plug. But a 5+ pounder on a flyrod will make you rethink why you ever had a bad thing to say about the "poor mans tarpon".

Some will say blind casting with a fly rod is too boring. I say, how else are you going to become a better caster? And besides. I blind cast with my gear all day and I havent heard anyone call that boring that likes fishing or is any good at it.

Anyone else notice that these fish are becoming waaaaaay too aggressive?

What a good day! Top fly was a pink/red ep streamer with pink and red flash.

The morning started at a snails pace. The tide didnt really start moving untill closer to 9am. I concentrated my casts along a shallow gut that is becoming increasingly more silted in. The hydraulics of the bay have shifted major water flows around the area we have been fishing for about 5 years. I think last years back bowl on a screaming mid morning incoming was the most rewarding for me. The fact that there was a lazy tide and less than aggressive fish seemed to work in the favor of fly casting. I have caught 20+ inch trout on flys an inch long. But the bleeding pink bait fish cast so good I couldnt take it off and so by sticking to my guns I eked out one last fish before I called it. I love 10-15 at my back. Easy casting and hard takes leaves me satisfied and thankful. Thanks for taking me fishing Dad.

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