Friday, August 20, 2010

So it seems the most hit and miss although probably the best true radio station in Houston KTRU has been offered to UH and their gonna turn it into a classical station. GAY!!! Call the fuckers they tell you to! This is the only station that actually plays real local metal, blues, indie, 60's, 70's, reggae, hip hop, and everything else. Not bullshit homo crap on clear channel. Although, the noise shows are only enjoyed while you are drugged like a lab rat and the good to weird/annoying song ratio is pretty even you can still hear whatever music you like to listen to as long as you find out when the show comes on. Imagine that. A radio that already plays classical and everything else and it cant get support. Just because its format seems inconvienient. I remember getting paid on Wednesday's bustin' my ass at the plants in Texas City and the sweet reggae coming from the radio in the truck meant a cold tallboy and some paper in my wallet. SAVE KTRU!

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