Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No bags and consumer me.

I have been following Rolf Potts on his recent NBC(no baggage challenge) for a couple weeks now. Its a cool thing.

Also It was recently my birthday. 30......Wtf. What happened? Anyways I ordered some materials from the dungeon. Ill post flies when they are utilized. Hopefully soon.

Also I just played the demo for Vanquish. Amazing. So fun. Reminded me of lost planet and zone of the enders.

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There are so many good looking games coming out between the end of 10 and the first half of 11 Im going to have to make a few decisions. Ive also given up on reaching rank 100 in GoW2. I looked at the calculator and Im not even half way there as far as points and the games been out for over 3 years. F that.

I havent been able to do any fly fishing with my work schedule and the wind. But I caught some flounder last Sat and made some kick ass civiche to boot out of a redfish.

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