Monday, January 3, 2011

And on the third day,

So this is how it was from DeMatt on Vimeo.

This year has started on the right note for sure. Another typical low tide. Too low to fish the norm. Mud shell shore. Trout Green. When probing our first area, at the end of a 50 yard wade dad turns to get the boat and pick me up. (I am so lucky, I try to offer as much as he will let me to do unspoken fishing duties) While pushing forward at the bend of the shore through the normal muddy half moon where, on an outgoing with higher tides in the evening/afternoon you can stand on and fall off into some large reds and trout... I got a solid thump.I landed the 23" 3 1/2 pounder and put that bitch on my stringer. I wanted trout gumbo. Got it.

I made about 4 more casts in the same area still pushing forward towards the gulf and nothing. Then, just as the gasoline fumes from the 2 cycle smelled wonderfully(no joke) I got another nose. Dad saw me yank. "So, what do you want to do"? Well, this fish was not a loner now. Lets push another 50 yards. Drop anchor, side by side, search. It took another 30 yards before the next fish. Our mud trails behind us merging at the ends and freshly separated at the foot joined with little winter floaty turd-let moss balls. A solid thump and a solid fish. A 5 pound trout. Corky, head first nose in throat. Easy hook out, a few pics and yays and released. Next cast, another 5 pound trout escapes after the third missed boga grab. No playing on a gorilla trout. Straight to the hand pinned on waders with thumb and pointer grip of death. Just a fiver. Play and laugh. Next 3-4 trout 18-20" then all goes silent. We fish for 15 more minutes then slowly move up searching. Dad hooks and lands a red in the 26 or 7" range. Nothing after, push forward. No more trout. I got desperate and switched to the broken back I had so much luck on before with similar conditions and pulled an immediate trout about 19" but the "Oh shit yeah! I told you this shit was the shit"! was donezo in a minute.

We fish for another hour without a look but refuse to break ranks because we were being eye fucked by drifters and the like. Finally I had to take a leak so bad I couldn't take it any longer. I slid up into the shallows and relieved myself and during the journey noticed some flicking bait and the nearly unchanged depth from the water we were fishing to the drop near shore. I let a long cast fly down the drop with a newly tied fatboy and started my retrieve. about 1/4 of the way in I thought I detected a subtle tap but kept with the retrieve. Then three rod lifts and a little panic reeling later I dredged up a nice sweet meat 21" red. There were a couple more to follow and back to the boat to get a bite and take a break before the incoming.

That's how the first half went. Pretty amazing. We went on to make a power wade through 1/2 the original with only one red landed. Then we changed locations and caught 7-8 nice eater fish on devils and gamblers. After that a mean looking cloud line and a daughter that needed pick up spurred the burn off before the big evening bite. Bummer because there were some nice fish in the first area and it wouldn't be out of the question to assume that we could have landed a few with a good warm incoming on our usual sand hump surrounded by mud and shell. Oh there are days ahead saved for greater spoils. Out.

 All the same fish. Trout gumbo. I cant get enough of these kind of pictures.

                                         Turd-let's and good water.

the mighty bend indeed
                                                    Fiver love.

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