Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still on the winter pattern, still fishing with corkeys.


As much as you or I might fish. 90% of catching fish is being in the right spot. There are more than one "right spots" in any given area usually. But some are better than others and some are better for different tactics. The tactics being applied in the area we have been fishing are slow sinking subsurface plugs. The water depth where we were fishing was about 3 feet deep and with a water temp that was 51 deg when we arrived and about 54 when we left. It was a cold wade fo sho. The wind was constant and ranging anywhere from 10 -20 mph from the SE. Wind and cold help keep people away and so does NFL playoff games. Like deer season, it keeps those away that might get cabin fever, leave their couch, and decide to cut your wade off. The biggest advantage on cold days might be where you fish but it can also be getting an earlier start than the competition. It might be damn cold, but its not steel head fishing in 35 deg rain any if your lucky you could be fishing for more than one big bite. Dress for the morning chill, bring a nice canteen of hot coffee( that's really the secret) and don't be scared to sit and observe when you arrive at your desired location. It always takes a while to get ready to fish with unpacking lure boxes, rods, line, etc. This is where the hot drink comes into play. For someone who isn't getting out of the boat there is no threat of cold,  your own threshold is your only limit. You can layer ALOT, with waders on theres only so much you can put on before one of your nuts has its circulation cut off everytime you get in water too deep. Hell I think people freeze their asses off more when they power all over the place looking for fish. 

Anyways. We got lucky again and caught some nice fish. Dad caught a five pound trout and I caught a 25" redfish that went 7 1/4 on my boga. That fish looked like a freak. Like ralphie may the redfish. Big.I kept a few to eat and we lot the rest go. 

With the day being overcast my best producer was the 808 fatboy. I caught a few on a modified pearl/purple also. The retrieve with such chilly temps was a frozen walk the dog. Just working it fast enough to keep it off the shell but without so much aggressive twitches. They would just pick it up and be there.One of those days where the bite is the mystery and the next tacoed bait could have been the next king dingaling. Still havent broken the 5 lb mark for trout this year, but we have caught five of them. Just need a little luck mixed in for the bigger fish. 

We were listening to the fishing show in the morning on the way to the ramp. Lots of big fish caught the day before. Lots of big fish, lots of fishermen. If only I could fish on weekdays more often. Its a sad day when you realize you could get thrown in with the weekend warrior types. Although weekend or not I still take the one bag and 2 rods. I dont overdo it but I fit the criteria. We might fish too hard. But Its something to do to get a little exercise.

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