Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazing freakin' return to fishing

Sorry about the photo quality! These pics are from the mobile. Its funny that when you make a quick trip to catch dinner you leave the camera at the house and then pretty much land a figurative bucket full of big ass fish!  Awesome day today right in my back yard(figuratively speaking). The spots I originally wanted to fish were super muddy due to the 20mph wind roughing up the sand and mud. I sulked into the water at the only place I could. A place I have fished at before but most of the time I would have been fishing for flounder during the run, and on the occasional last resort. I hadn't really done too well here before. Well the day I was about to experience was this spots best. Since hurricane Ike there had been some bottom changes. When protected with bait present, this spot now has the potential to hold more fish than before and also some damn good ones on the right conditions. The only bad thing is that there is only enough room for a couple people to fish in the sweet spot because of the drop off on one side and the rocks on the other. I also think I just got really lucky. The weather was perfect and the little mullet were thick. Three of the biggest trout on a stringer would have been 1/2 lb under 20! 25 1/2", 26", and 27". Wow! All fish were released. No din din, just adrenalin. When can you use the sentence,  "All the fish were too big and beautiful to keep".

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