Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 over AND! archive revisited.

This will be the first and only time I post old pics here. Its been a long and relaxing holiday season for me and I am looking forward to fishing in 10. I have been doing a bit of tying lately but for swaps and friends so I cant rightly post them all before their delivered so I'm going to post some old pics and leave them in my archive forever. Kind of like a Disney DVD without the thirty minutes of crap before the actual movie starts. So here goes!

This is me!

For me. Kind of a big deal. anyone who says that a flounder over 23" isn't big doesn't fish for them in Texas. Its a southern...not a halibut. Quit being an ass. We all get lucky. Like this fish.

A 28" thinboy I caught behind the pass late summer 09' One of three over 27" last year. Another great memory. Alone, disposable camera that was only taken to burn the last couple photos from a vacation, good times.

Nice day with my dad. One of the memorable ones I keep in my head. Although most memories dont just involve good catches but also overcoming and discovering. I just remembered the TP&W officer took this pic! That explains why all the fish are on one stringer. The guy said we caught by far the most fish that day that he checked. Sweet. The decidion to become a more concervation minded angler has taken me over the last three or four years. I guess a good job and the ability to buy food at the grocery store on a regular basis helps with that decidion!

There were several trips with my former company to work in the beautiful St. Croix, USVI. The Carribean is a kings life.

Yeah right, bonefish smashing 15 year old brown tails? Texas trippin.

Hawaii was also a destination i worked at 4 times in 08. Very pretty. Too many tourists. Cool looking fish.

Right after Ike. You can still see the debris line on the Levy. I saw a freakin Tarpon that day and thought it was a shark!

lol. I heard there were breaks in the road farther down. Sounds like a good fishing spot to me.

Vintage me. I used to be a hardcore basser. Toledo bend every year for a couple weeks in the summer and maybe around Thanksgiving. Fayette County, Conroe, Fork, Tyler, Gibbons Creek, Bastrop, Lakeview golf course. Haaaa! I used to be a basser. But living where I do only lends itself to bayou bass. And the salt is only a couple more miles so the bass are uasually safe from me.

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