Friday, January 8, 2010

Must get back to Work.

I just like posting photos. And eating fish. And blabbing on about nothing.

I don't think you should feel bad about keeping your limit every now and then. Its the law. Its a wonderful thing. I don't think anyone should look down on it. Its just a thing for guys that fish all the time to push for a lower limit. If your good at catching fish(and a lot of you guys are) then you don't have a problem catching five keepers in a day. And if your able to fish all the time you can imagine the effects of everyone keeping everything they catch until their limits are full and its time to go home because of it. And whats wrong with that? Its legal. Its what we do as Texas fisherman right? We catch all the fish and kill all we can eat and keep the rest for trade and gifts.

This seems like an old story. Like it should have happened in the old days when people relied on the sea for food and income more than the people who now cling to their license because of family tradition, or run a trip on the weekend to be able to fish and get paid for it, or to feel good with a lot of stickers on your truck at the gas station, or to make some extra cash scraping up oysters and I don't care who the fuck is in the bay because I make my living out here and you fucks who come out here to get away from your wives so just move right out the way and go fuck yourselves because I got three or four deck hands and we will whoop your ass if you say anything about how I just ran in between you two guys 20 yards from both just to run aground on the reef cause I don't know where the hell I'm going and you can just fuck yourselves because I own this god damn water. My family has made a livin out here forever. And they closed down east bay so I'm gonna come over here in chocolate and fuck it up until they say I can go home.

So theres some issues to be discussed. The old and the new. The "right and wrong". The ignorant and the people that conceive the results of what really happens with the fish and wildlife they love and grew up with. Not me though. I'm not better than anyone. I have thrown away three or four trout when I was in high school because the ice melted and I got drunk the night before and forgot about them and they rotted in the box. Done it a couple times. But I did feel deep sense of guilt. A sense that the ocean would not be as generous next time and keep the bounty for someone that deserved it more than I did. But that was when I was y,d, and full of c. If you know what I mean. Lessons are learned and I don't think killing 3-4 trout would destroy a species any more that a guide service keeping 30-40+ fish a day running 3-5 boats. I do think that's all factored in with the yearly allotted harvest of fish species also. Although the latter might make things a little more difficult for the average Joe fisher out for the weekend but that's just job security for those guys right? If its hard for the schmucks then they'll come crawling back to us a couple times a year(which is actually cheaper than paying a boat note and dealing with all the headaches). But good for them making a living and probably a majority percentage are good guys you would share a spot, a drink, or a story with and not think twice if they really knew them. And everyone has their opinions and most peoples opinions are based on either personal experience(hopefully) or here say from someone or somewhere that did or didn't know what they were talking about. So what does that say about your opinion or mine? It just makes them unique and not right or wrong. That's what I can come up with as the answer to a lot of things.

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