Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9-28-10 new flies

 When I get things in the mail that I ordered online I feel a slight tweak of joy. The most recent purchase was from FTD. My favorite online material store. As far as quality goes its right up there with the big names and a quarter of the price. If you use synthetic material you should buy your stuff here. I haven't bought any real animal materials(I have enough zonker strips to last a while) but I have always been happy with this place. All this was a little over $21. I dare you to get this much in any store whether it be a hobby store or fly shop and not spend more.

 So the temporary desk is now my dining table. The dope ass roll top desk is still in "storage". Until we move to a real house I have to use time wisely. And tie fast.
My first minnow patterns in over a year took one to get back into the groove. But even without eyes these look pretty fishy! The rust color Congo hair is going to make one hell of a root beer crab!

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